We build cloud-centric applications

Edeltech provides application development services to clients who want smarter solutions to their business problems.


Your app, cross-platform

Faster, cheaper and simpler, cross-platform applications allow you to reach your users, on their plaftorm, using a single codebase.

Edeltech uses the Qt framework to build modern and responsive mobile and desktop applications.

Application development

Accelerate your Cloud migration

Migrate any workload - application, website, database, storage, physical or virtual server, or an entire data center - from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud to AWS.

Edeltech can help you define your entire infrastructure as code and automate the deployment by creating a CI/CD pipeline that fits your needs.


Leverage Machine Learning

Improve your business by applying Machine Learning techniques to gain insight and optimize your product.

Edeltech helps you prepare your data, train models and deploy them so that you and your customers can benefit from them.

Artificial Intelligence

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With our engineering-driven culture, strong product management approaches, expertise in software development and machine learning, we can successfully work together to build new technologies for your business.

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