• We develop quality applications for desktop, embedded and mobile platforms.

Pure Source Code

We write programs with Qt because we are convinced it is the best application and user interface framework available. We manage projects using online collaboration tools like Basecamp to keep track of project discussions, files, and events, and Trello to organize our task lists. Our clients have access to these tools to be part of the team. The source code is kept safe on GitHub. We usually communicate in english, but we also speak fluently french, german and Schwyzerdütsch.


Testing and quality assurance is part of our everyday work. We implement automated tests for every part of the application that are run automatically throughout the development process ensuring that the addition of a new feature didn’t break anything.

Desktop Applications – Window, Mac OS X, Linux

We write source code that can be compiled on any major operating system. We do it even if you require only one platform as part of our quality assurance. Our applications look native, or we can design a custom style for you.

If an application must process huge amounts of data, such as high-resolution video, we will use the tremendous computational power of modern Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

We also develop apps running on tablets, phones and embedded systems:

  • Mobile Applications – Android, iOS, Windows 8, BlackBerry 10
  • Embedded Applications – Linux, Windows Embedded, QNX, VxWorks